About Us

        Since our genesis in 1985, we have supplied the best in class and top quality sound systems, music supplies and musical equipments to the thousands of music listeners and budding musicians in South California. The Imports Limited is well known for offering an unparalleled music experience with a fully upgraded and built on the latest theme online music store in SC.

        Imports Limited provides all kinds of music supplies, musical equipments, and services related to music such as pianos, sound systems, music speakers, basses, music amplifiers, iOS, keyboards, drums, microphones, CDs and DVDs, Lighting appliances, electronic appliances, cell phones and more. If you are a budding musician and want to learn new musical equipment like a guitar or a piano, then visit the best piano dealer in SC that is us! Whether you want to listen to your favorite classical symphonies peacefully at your home or you just want to rock an upcoming party with exploding rock band music, Imports Limited will provide the high-end sound systems with rental and installation services in South Carolina.

        We have around two decades of experience in this industry, which we always to love to exploit for the satisfaction of our customers. If you are new and clueless about which musical equipment or sound system to buy, just visit our music store; we are there for you. We strive to help our clients to help them to make the right decisions related to the right music supplies and musical equipments to ensure that their order ships safe and smoothly. Most importantly we strive to make our clients happy and satisfied with the chosen sound system and musician supply. Every member of the Imports Limited is highly trained, experienced, and motivated to serve you, no matter what you need. Whichever questions come to your mind about our musical equipments, music supplies and sound systems just rely on our skilled and experienced staff. We will make you understand how your new musical equipments and sound system works in the context of your setup, so we can get you up and run in no time.